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This LTN affects us regardless of whether we are pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, use public transport or a combination of all of these things. It also impacts whether you are a resident or business owner or someone who has to travel through the area for work.

Below is a list of things that you can do to have your voice heard.

Email Enfield Council

If you do nothing else, then the most important thing is to put your objections in writing, otherwise, this scheme could be made permanent.

There are many and varied grounds for objecting and why the LTN is failing including:

  • Increased traffic congestion on surrounding roads
  • Increased pollution due to idling traffic
  • Negative effect on businesses and livelihoods
  • Carers unable to reach their patient/relative
  • Increase in mental health issues
  • Emergency services unable to get through in a timely way
  • No red route allowing public transport to run freely and more frequently
  • Over 75% of the local residents voted against the scheme
  • No consistent ongoing monitoring of traffic is being carried out during the trial
  • The effect on businesses and livelihoods
  • Negative impact on persons with protected characteristics. If you have a disability or impairment, has the LTN made it difficult for you to travel or for people to visit/care for you
  • Unsafe movement of vehicles – have you witnessed any unsafe movement of vehicles in your street e.g. large trucks reversing elngthy routes
  • Impeded access to residential properties

It’s very important that you follow the correct process, and put all your objections in writing to the following email address:
Quoting the reference: TG52 / 1451

In the email you must clearly state your “objection” and why, in your opinion, the LTN scheme is failing. You may also want to outline how the scheme has affected you personally.

If you click the link below an email will pop up in a separate window for you to complete and still see the points listed on this page.

Let’s talk survey

Feed into Enfield Council’s Let’s Talk Survey.

You can comment at any time during the 6-month trial period. Please note that your Enfield Council login can’t be used to take part; you will need to register on the Let’s Talk page to be able to take part.

Write to your local councillor

Please let your Councillor know how you are affected and feel about these schemes.

Write to your local MP

Let your Member of Parliament know your thoughts and experiences.


If you’d like to talk to us about the Fox Lane LTN please email
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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