Broader Impact

However you move around the area, whether you cycle, walk or drive, the Fox Lane LTN will affect you.

Below are just a few ways in which the LTN is already impacting on day-to-day life.

If you need the emergency services

The emergency services are taking longer to reach incidents, including blue light responses, because of these new road layouts. Residents have recorded videos and photos showing ambulances and fire engines unable to get through barriers, then turning round and finding an alternative, longer route.

Emergency vehicles are also being delayed on more congested roads. On some roads such as Green Lanes, drivers are unable to move out of the way because of the cycle lane wands.

If you are a parent with young children

For many parents with babies, toddlers or at primary school, a car is essential, especially if they are working, juggling childcare, school runs with the necessities of daily living, often without extended family support.

Many parents in the borough are not able to walk their children to school as it is too far; they have children at different schools and nurseries, but are being caught in tailbacks caused by the LTNs. School buses as well as other buses are being delayed.

Councillor Barnes this is the route that my son has to walk to school every day. “Bourne Hill. It is relentless, it goes on and on and on and on. You are choking my children. This needs to stop.”

If you have mobility problems or require carers

For many elderly or disabled people with limited mobility a car is a lifeline. Without it, their lives are much more restricted. LTNs are causing older people stress and greater difficulty in getting around their local area.

People who require support from community carers or family members are suffering when these vital visitors are being delayed, because their journeys are taking longer. It can mean that carers have less time to spend with patients. It has led to the cancellation of some care visits and delays in giving patients their medication and meals.

Residents who have the red button alert system may also be suffering as the companies involved in responding can no longer guarantee a swift response in an emergency.

“If I could walk, or ride a bike, I would – and do use the bus when I can but I can’t carry heavy shopping. But I’m approaching my 80th birthday, have mobility issues, not least a dropped foot which means the local pavements are a trip hazard for me (and others); my car is the only way I can get to see family, see friends, do the little shopping I need to as I have online deliveries, and get to medical appointments.”

Is the LTN adversely affecting you?

If you need a tradesman or deliveries

Online deliveries are essential for many households, especially during the pandemic. Deliveries, often timed for a specific period are taking longer.

The blocked off residential roads mean that large delivery lorries have to reverse back down the road to get out. This is also true for the Council’s own rubbish & recycling collection lorries.

Tradesman are essential to the smooth running of our homes and communities. They also need their vehicles to carry tools and equipment to visit their clients. Time is money and delays will have to be passed on to the customer in higher charges.

Local Businesses

Local businesses already hit by the pandemic are suffering further because of the congestion. The huge amount of traffic on the roads has numerous effects including:

  • Delays in receiving supplies
  • Difficulties in making deliveries to residents
  • A downturn in trade as customers are avoiding the area because of the congestion
  • The additional pollution is stopping people from eating and drinking outside the cafes and restaurants

Here what some of the local businesses In a business impact study of Aldermans Hill (will supply link for video interviews)

Unless urgent action is taken to reverse this schemes businesses WILL CLOSE and our area will be worse off for it.

A local business speaks during a business impact study of Aldermans Hill.

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