One Community Enfield

One Community Enfield is a fast-growing group of local residents and businesses that has been drawn together through the sheer weight of opposition against the imposition of the Fox Lane LTN.

The group is made of up people that move around in a myriad of ways including pedestrians, cyclists, the disabled, motorists, bus and train users, delivery drivers and local businesses; all of whose daily movements around this borough, often coupled with the need to travel onto other areas of London, has been severely hampered by this LTN.

One Community Enfield is non-political, non-partisan and speaks with one voice to convey the message that the Fox Lane LTN was not asked for by the majority and is not wanted by the majority. We are campaigning for it to be reopened immediately.

One Community Enfield understands that in our increasingly crowded city that most people aspire to living in suburban neighbourhoods with less pollution, cleaner streets and effective local environments. An infrastructure that includes, safe street lighting, well maintained pedestrian areas and wider transport connections is paramount.

How those characteristics can be effectively established, presents an enormous challenge to residents, businesses, emergency services and town planners, when the need to travel from one location to another, either by car, cycle or foot, for whatever reason, is constantly the primary concern. We can all agree that better environments, lower pollution and improved traffic management are all positive ambitions for the future, however we also think that people come first.

Accordingly, we’re on a mission to re-unite our divided community, where barriers have forged division. We want to alleviate the standing, idling traffic forced upon our neighbours and get traffic moving again, so that folk are free to move, school runs are simplified, and our carers and emergency services can get where they need to be…

We also think that every local business deserves the very best in these difficult times, so that’s why we’re campaigning for Enfield Council to adopt a ‘Reverse & Rethink the Fox Lane LTN’ strategy, and reach a “more joined up” approach to moving around our neighbourhoods, towns and boroughs.


If you’d like to talk to us about the Fox Lane LTN please email onecommunitystopltn@gmail.com
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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