On 25th October, Mr Justice Eyre heard a full day of argument from both parties.
Our barrister, Andrew Fraser-Urquhart KC, put our points eloquently and forcefully to the judge, highlighting the failure of Enfield Council to conduct a lawful consultation, undertake a proper balancing exercise and follow the correct procedure when carrying out their road closure experiment.
The judge will now consider the evidence before him and the arguments made and will make a decision in the coming weeks.
We will update all supporters when we hear further.

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Aldermans Hill (Prior to Lockdown 2)
10th October 2020 @ 5.35pm

Reverse The Fox Lane LTN



Reverse The Fox Lane LTN



Aldermans Hill (Prior to Lockdown 2)
10th October 2020 @ 5.35pm

If you are a resident, business, visitor or a commuter affected by the Fox Lane LTN road closures then get involved with us, One Community Enfield. Our group formed to raise awareness of the detrimental and damaging impact of Enfield Council’s Fox Lane LTN and our mission is to reopen our neighbourhood and get traffic moving again.
Mr Shah of Aldermans Pharmacy talks about the impact of the LTN on his business.

Local resident Philip talks about the pollution that has been caused by the LTN.

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Delays emergency services

Blue light vehicles are getting caught in traffic jams.

Emergency services are unable to pass the fixed barriers so have to double back.

Increases Pollution

Displaced traffic causes congestion which in turn increases pollution.

The emissions from the stop/start traffic travel to all surrounding areas.

People on the roads taking the displaced traffic are reporting adverse health effects from increased pollution.

Damages local businesses

Shops reporting a major reduction in footfall.

Deliveries cannot get through in a timely manner.

Threatens livelihoods and jobs as well as the survival of local businesses.

The scheme discriminates against many members of the community

Those with reduced mobility are finding it more difficult to get to and from medical appointments and the shops.

Single working parents heavily affected, as are parents who need to drop children off at multiple places and then get to work themselves.

Not everyone has time to cycle or walk to their destination.

Not everyone who can cycle has washing facilities at their workplace.

Discriminates against those that already live on polluted high roads.

Discriminates between certain roads/residents and others.

It removes freedom of movement.

The scheme has negative affects on the community

Carers are not able to support the family due to travel times.

Delays for elderly, less able and vulnerable in reaching medical appointments.

Students experiencing delays in getting to school on public transport.

Adults experiencing delays in getting to work
People experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety.

Residents split within their community.

Local pharmacies have struggled to deliver prescriptions to patients in the area.


If you’d like to talk to us about the Fox Lane LTN please email onecommunitystopltn@gmail.com
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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